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Linea "CHANEL"
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Chanel Line

Luxury “a la Chanel” – is simplicity and the sense of measure, grace, line and form perfection. It was the author herself who in the best way described the colour score in style: “Colour? The one that suits you”. Predominance of pastel shades, soft colours but rich trimming can be seen in Chanel style. Chanel Line of Charoi “by T.” Collection – is lingerie wearing which you can luxuriate in your bedroom and you can also wear it as a dress and strike the imagination of the most demanding audience. There are no limits in beauty perception for an ideal woman: natural silk and handicraft lace will only emphasize that she is perfect.

Vintage Line

In contrast to “glamour” Vintage style has been absorbing the hearts of fashionable women for a long time. Fashion tends to come back and successors of the fashion style of a certain epoch savour its exclusiveness as seasoned wine. Vintage is a professional term of French wine-makers which means high-quality wine of long-term tenacity, wine of a certain year’s harvest. Vintage Line of Charoi represents savoury details of 50s, old lace and rich muted colours: ambergris, tea-rose, Indian blue. Vintage Line of Charoi is made for connoisseurs of exquisite style, old things and unusual ornaments.

Puorini Line

Evening Puorini Line of Charoi is exquisite evening lingerie wearing which you can luxuriate in your bedroom as well as organize an amazing evening with candles for your fiance. An exquisite Puorini Line is made of absolute silk and natural lace. Special qualities of the fabric – lightness, thinness, hygroscopicity, endurance and treatment qualities – made it especially valuable. In the homeland of silk, in China and Japan, long since it is well-known that silk makes the skin exclusively smooth and prevents it from wrinkle appearance. That is why women of these countries after washing and bathing always wiped their faces and bodies with silk fabrics and slept on the pillows with silk pillow-cases and till declining years they could not complain about winkles.

Dalia Line

Dalia Line of Charoi is an ideal present for a posh woman who has a high opinion of herself and who can indulge herself. This is an ideal way for beauty comprehension which is imperceptible but fills all your essence from within. Natural silk from China made a long way to become a masterpiece in the hands of Milanese designers. Charoi lingerie made by Italian designers in 2007 represents ultra-modern tendencies and innovations in the world of style and quality. Dalia of Charoi is a style of an ideal woman which is not peculiar to everyone but which transforms each woman. This lingerie will make you unique…

Fantasy Line

Fantasy Line of Charoi is made of natural viscose with addition of silk. The choice of materials and combination of fabrics of Charoi are exclusively pleasant for your body – lingerie is well-acceptable to the eye and makes a delightful silhouette emphasizing all the advantages of a woman’s body. In the Charoi Collection you will find all dimension lines as well as a wide variety of colour combinations. Charoi Lingerie is developed only by Italian designers and constructors which guarantees strict control over all stages of development from design to manufacture of the product.