Puorini Line

Evening Puorini Line of Charoi is exquisite evening lingerie wearing which you can luxuriate in your bedroom as well as organize an amazing evening with candles for your fiance. An exquisite Puorini Line is made of absolute silk and natural lace. Special qualities of the fabric – lightness, thinness, hygroscopicity, endurance and treatment qualities – made it especially valuable. In the homeland of silk, in China and Japan, long since it is well-known that silk makes the skin exclusively smooth and prevents it from wrinkle appearance. That is why women of these countries after washing and bathing always wiped their faces and bodies with silk fabrics and slept on the pillows with silk pillow-cases and till declining years they could not complain about winkles.

Linea "DALIA"
Linea "CHANEL"


Art.: B6707

Camicia lunga / Slip

Tg: 42-50 / Sizes: XS-XL

Colour: red / black spots
ivory / black spots

Comp.: 100% Silk

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